Mr. Du Baichuan took an interview at Nab
Source:   Time: 2013-12-27

Pro. Du Baichuan
Vice Chairman, Science and Technology Committee

The main focus at NAB this year was on 4K, with many companies both large and small showing 4K products. By contrast, Chinese manufacturers seemed to be holding back on 4K.  3D, a hot topic for several years, was far less in evidence.
If we continue to promote 3-D, maybe 4K development will be held back. 3-D technology has not stabilised, with glasses-less 3-D technology and display still not reaching maturity. By contrast, 4K technology is relatively mature, and really only affects the two ends of the broadcast chain, cameras and video recorders on the one hand, and screens and television sets on the other. Everything in between is relatively mature and already in place, so does not represent a significant new cost, especially since, with the introduction of H.264, existing delivery capacity is adequate. For the Chinese market, 4K is a new factor that will clearly be a focus in the future development of CCBN.

Another hot topic at NAB was video-over-IP and the Internet in general. At the IBC Council meeting, a major topic of discussion was around changing consumer expectations and habits in the broadcast sector. In the past, the broadcasting industry was relatively closed with its own production and delivery systems. Today, however, the Internet is much more open and is capable of delivering HD and 4K. The Internet is a powerful force for convergence and for change, and is forcing the broadcast sector into accelerated innovation and development.
CCBN delegation leader Zhou Feng made a presentation to the IBC Council about how these changes are playing out in China, and expressed the hope for increased international collaboration in the future. He described how tri-net convergence started in 2010 in 12 Chinese cities, was expanded to 54 cities in 2011, and will be further expanded next year. This reflects the fact that China is facing a big structural change.
Visiting NAB will inspire CCBN staff in the next stage of development. They were kept very busy at the show, setting up a booth, visiting exhibitors, meeting partners and experts, all of which is very effective in driving change and providing them with ideas for future shows.

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