CCBN successfully participates in NAB 2011
Source:   Time: 2013-12-27

delegates from the CCBN organising Committee recently attended the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters, the world's largest broadcast and electronic media tradeshow, held in Las Vegas from April 9th to 16th.
NAB 2011 attracted over 90,000 visitors, with the principle themes of the show including HD technologies and solutions, cloud-based storage, and 3-D content capture and production solutions. More than 1500 manufacturers and suppliers exhibited at NAB, and the CCBN team found that many of them are closely monitoring the development of China's broadcasting industry, in particular the policy of three-network convergence. There was considerable interest among NABexhibitors in the opportunities offered to them by CCBN to understand and raise their profile in the rapidly expanding Chinese market, and a considerable number are actively contemplating using CCBN 2012 as a China market development platform.
During NAB 2011, more than 1000 copies of the CCBN International Exhibition and VIP Tour Brochures were handed out to exhibitors and audiences. By establishing and developing communications with the leading international organizations and institutes of the broadcasting industry, such as NAB, IBC, IABM and SCTE, the CCBN organizing Committee has reached a broad consensus on cooperation in the future. In a meeting with representatives from NAB itself, both parties expressed the wish to strengthen cooperation and exchange, and to further expand the scope of mutual development in the future.
The CCBN team also took the opportunity to express sincere good wishes and hopes for success, on behalf of all of the CCBN staff, to the organisers of the Japanese InterBEE conference in the aftermath of the recent tragic earthquake and tsunami.
The delegation's successful participation in NAB once again advances CCBN’s Internationalization Process, and strengthens its position as a world-famous brand. More and more global enterprises now recognize CCBN as a major player, and acknowledge its active role in the broadcasting industry not just in China but across the world.

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