CCBN's party at IBC2013 attracts over 500 broadcast professionals
Source:   Time: 2013-12-27

The official kickoff of CCBN 2014 took place in Amsterdam in early September, with the traditional CCBN party at IBC. 

More than 500 broadcast professionals gathered on the Sea Palace, Amsterdam's spectacular floating Chinese restaurant, to experience some traditional Chinese hospitality, network with their colleagues and to hear some important speeches from members of the CCBN organising committee and other leading officials. 

The guests were welcomed by Mr. Liu Chun, Political Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands, who emphasized the international nature of CCBN, and the importance of its contribution towards cooperation and exchange between China's radio, cinema and television industry and the rest of the world. He expressed the hope that this international cooperation can be extended, creating a win-win for all concerned and promoting the development of the broadcasting and electronic media industries worldwide.
Later, Professor Du Baichuan, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Committee at SARFT, the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television, described the great challenges facing China's broadcasting sector, introduced the industry's current situation and future development prospects, and gave data to illustrate both the great strides made in recent years, and the extent of the potential business opportunities which the Chinese industry presents to foreign suppliers. 
On behalf of the CCBN organising committee, Ms. ZhengSihui, Deputy Secretary of the Academy of Broadcasting Science, SARFT, thanked the guests, both for attending the party and for providing long-term support for CCBN over the years. She described CCBN's accelerating internationalization process, and issued a heartfelt invitation to all those present to attend CCBN 2014 in Beijing next March.

Many of the guests expressed their warm appreciation both for the hospitality and for the opportunity to meet with Chinese colleagues and to discuss the future of broadcasting in relaxed and friendly surroundings. Many valuable opinions and suggestions were made. 
CCBN's annual party in Amsterdam, held every year since 2006, has become a fixture in the industry's annual calendar and an important opportunity for international cooperation and development. It has made a significant contribution to CCBN's role in promoting industry development in China, and providing a bridge between China and the rest of the world's broadcasting industry.

 Liu Chun, Political Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands

Professor Du Baichuan, deputy director of the science and technology committee, SARFT

Ms. ZhengSihui Deputy Secretary Academy of Broadcasting Science, SARFT

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