The 5th CCBN IBC Party a Great Success!( 2010)
Source:   Time: 2013-12-27

Over 400 IBC exhibitors and delegates attended CCBN'S 5th annual IBC reception, held at Amsterdam's famous floating Chinese restaurant, the Sea Palace, on September 12.
Party guests were welcomed of behalf of the CCBN organizing Committee by Professor Du Baichuan, the Vice Chairman of the Science & Technology Committee of SARFT, CTO of CCBN, and a member of the IBC Council.  Prof. Du gave a brief introduction to CCBN and to China's rapidly developing broadcast industry.

Ms. Fu Tao, CCBN's International Marketing Director then introduced the CCBN VIP tour program, a new feature of CCBN's international development program. Several former members of the VIP group talked very positively about their experiences on the tour and emphasized the important role that CCBN plays in promoting vital communication and interaction between the Chinese and international broadcast industries.

As it was the 5th anniversary of the CCBN IBC reception, the CCBN Committee conducted a Prize draw in which valuable gifts such as as i-Pad were given away, and the warm atmosphere of the event was enhanced by the performance of traditional Chinese music. 

The CCBN Party has been running at IBC since 2006, and has become a truly landmark event. Its success has gone hand in hand with the growth of China as the world's largest single broadcast market, and the establishing of CCBN's position as a primary gateway into that market for the international broadcasting industry.

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