U.S. - China Broadcast Forum & CCBN Reception Successfully Held at NAB2009 in Las Vegas
Source:   Time: 2013-12-27

22nd Apr 09, the first "US - China Broadcast Forum"  was held successfully at Las Vegas Convention Center during NAB2009. More than 100 representatives from around the world attended the session.
Chris Brown, vice president of conventions and business operations at NAB delivered a speech on the session, welcoming all the attendees and introducing to them the guests of honor from China State Administration of Radio, Film & Television. After that, Ding Wenhua, chief engineer of CCTV, delivered a speech and Mr. Du Baichuan, vice chairman of science and technology committee, SARFT, also delivered a speech, which discussed the current situation of China broadcast industry and its future developing trends.
The CCBN Reception was held right after the China session. Mr. Zou Feng, vice president of Academy of Broadcasting Science delivered a welcome speech on behalf of SARFT and CCBN organizing Committee. The vice president also made a brief introduction of CCBN2009. Mr. Zeng Qingjun, vice director general of science and technology bureau, SARFT and Margaret T. Cassilly, vice president of international operations at NAB delivered speeches. Then, CCBN 2010 promotional video is played.
 The event attracted over 150 participants and this is the first time CCBN reception was held during NAB in Las Vegas. (Previously, three CCBN Receptions were held during IBC in Amsterdam.)Both the forum and reception enjoyed great success, which high-lighted the CCBN brand among the broadcasting tradeshows around the world.
The CCBN organizing Committee invited not only broadcast industry insiders, senior representatives from government and major player in the industry but also CCBN exhibitors. The reception was aimed to provide a platform for information exchanging and knowledge sharing, which is an extension of CCBN Expo; more over, it is a reward that offered to our exhibitors, without whose long-term supports and help, CCBN would have been able to become the largest broadcasting event in Asia-Pacific region and even in the world. 

Du Baichuan, Vice Chairman of Science & Technology Committee, SARFT, is delivering speech on the Forum

Zou Feng, Vice President, Academy of Broadcasting Science, SARFT is delivering welcome speech on CCBN Reception

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