The Second CCBN International Advisory Committee Meeting Took Place at IBC2014
Source:   Time: 2014-10-08

The 2nd CCBN International Advisory Committee Meeting was held on September,13 at IBC2014. It was the first time that CCBN held its international Advisory Committee abroad.

The CCBN International Advisory Committee was founded at CCBN2014 on March of this year. Pro.Du Baichuan, Vice Chairman of Science and Technology Committee, SPPARFT take the Chair. The members are the representatives of such prestigious societies, research institutes and big companies as IEEE/BTS, DVB, IABM, EBU, ABU, SCTE, MoCA, Dayang, Arriss and so on.

The meeting at IBC was chaired by Pro. Du Baichuan. Mr. Zou Feng, the President of Academy of Science and Technology, SPPARFT made an overview on the Chinese broadcasting development and the CCBN2014, and also expected the theme and hot points of CCBN2015.

Followed Mr. Zou’s speech, the committee members respectively stated their views on IBC2014 and the present situation of broadcasting industry. They also presented many productive suggestions on the CCBN’s development in exhibits structure, format planning, service improvement and so on. For example; Setting up an International Reception which can help the foreigners with more complex services; Offering an International Area or an International Time for people to network at CCBN. These services will facilitate the foreigners’ trip to CCBN and improve the communication between the Chinese and the foreign insiders.

The second International Advisory Committee Meeting at IBC was a progress in the CCBN’s Internationalization process. It was a new successful trial that the CCBN Committee had deep communication with the senior people by wildly solicit opinion about CCBN’s development and opportunities of international cooperation. In the future, the CCBN Committee will diversify its international extension to improve the world’s broadcasting industry by activate the function of the International Advisory Committee.

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