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Back cover RMB¥50,000  
Inside front cover RMB¥40,000  
Inside back cover RMB¥40,000  
Inner page RMB¥30,000 Limited to 2 pages

Note: CCBN Newsletter is a print-media platform for the Organizing Committee to introduce preparation and relevant services prior to the CCBN Exhibition, mainly including the general situation of preparation, analysis of the new characteristics of CCBN, introduction to the news center’s services, the column of serial workshops and awards and news of latest products. The Newsletter is issued every December and he following February, with a print run of 50,000 copies and an electronic version available at the same time. The Newsletter is sent to manufacturers, radio and television administrations, radio and TV stations, network companies, relevant associations and institutions, as well as visiting groups and subscribers by post, via email or by downloading from the CCBN homepage. Time for confirmation of the advertisements: the first half of each December and the first half of the following  February.

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Full page 300 pixels/inch 216mm (W) × 291mm (H) 210mm (W) × 285mm (H)

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