• CCBN stages a strong presence at NAB
    Led by ZouFeng, the President of SARFT's Academy of Broadcasting Science, a delegation from CCBN visited the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention in Las Vegas at the beginning of April.
  • Mr. Du Baichuan took an interview at Nab
    The main focus at NAB this year was on 4K, with many companies both large and small showing 4K products. By contrast, Chinese manufacturers seemed to be holding back on 4K. 3D, a hot topic for several years, was far less in evidence.
  • Mr. Zou Feng took an interview at Nab
    My last visit to NAB was in 2009. Four years on, there were many new things to see at the show reflecting the rapid changes taking place in the industry. The major focus this year at NAB was 4K, with other technologies, by contrast, being far less prominent with some of them destined to be no more than flashes in the...
  • CCBN successfully participates in NAB 2011
    delegates from the CCBN organising Committee recently attended the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters, the world's largest broadcast and electronic media tradeshow, held in Las Vegas from April 9th to 16th.
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