• The Second CCBN International Advisory Committee Meeting Took...
  • CCBN's party at IBC2013 attracts over 500 broadcast...
    The official kickoff of CCBN 2014 took place in Amsterdam in early September, with the traditional CCBN party at IBC.
    More than 500 broadcast professionals gathered on the Sea Palace, Amsterdam's spectacular floating Chinese restaurant, to experience some traditional Chinese hospitality, network with their...
  • Highlights of NAB2009 - US-China Forum and CCBN Reception
    Along with rapid development of Chinese economy, China's broadcasting industry is attracting more attentions of the world with its huge market potential. It has become a spotlight on the international stage. As a bridge that links up China and the world, CCBN is playing an active role in the international broadcasting ...
  • The 5th CCBN IBC Party a Great Success!( 2010)
    Over 400 IBC exhibitors and delegates attended CCBN'S 5th annual IBC reception, held at Amsterdam's famous floating Chinese restaurant, the Sea Palace, on September 12. Party guests were welcomed of behalf of the CCBN organizing Committee by Professor Du Baichuan, the Vice Chairman of the Science & Technology...
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