First Exhibitor

You can register in three ways:
1. Log CCBN website, home page click 'Booth Application',fill out the information request, the information submitted successfully, you will receive a system generated confirmation of exhibitors, the organizing committee will work with you then confirmed their participation matters.
2. Log CCBN website, home page click 'Exhibitor Service' into the 'Download' option, download and fill out the 'Registration Form' and fax to the organizing committee or agents apply for participation.
3. Call customer service phone organizers or agents for exhibitors.
Description: Exhibition of registration, exhibitor pursuant CCBN exhibition (exhibition) different theme, select the type of similar exhibits hall (exhibition) exhibition, and to determine the form of booth space and booth construction ( standard booth or special booth).
Choose Booth

According your application, the organizing committee will be integrated the booth area size, type of registration, information agreed and confirmed the booth with you. The booth arrangement time unified notification by the organizing committee.

Agreement & Fee

The booth confirmation within one to three days after, the organizing committee signed the participation contract with you, exhibitors must be paid within one week.

Exhibition Manual

The way to approach Exhibition Manual
1. The landing site of CCBN, in the home page, click on the 'exhibitors service' choose 'exhibitors login' option, to download the exhibitor manual.
2. The organizing committee for the exhibitors mail print exhibitor's manual.
Description: the exhibition related services can query in the 'exhibitor manual'.

Contact Us

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