The State Administration of Press,Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT)  isin charge of Chinesenewspaperand periodical publishing, radio,film and television. Its primary responsibility is the formulation of policyand the management of ministerial-level units.

Academy of Broadcasting Science
The Academy of Broadcasting Science (ABS), a division of SAPPRFT, is a China’s highest research institution in the broadcast arena. ABS plays a leading role in developing policy and in making strategic technical decisions, and is the main base for both R&D and personnel training in the Chinese broadcasting sector.  For over 40 years ABS has led broadcasttechnology development, and  undertaken major scientific and technological projects and systems integration. Recently ABS has embraced mobile technology as a major interdisciplinary research direction. It closely follows international technology developmentsand lays a solid foundation for the industry’s operations;  provides the industry with technical advice, support and services; and has pioneered R&D in such areas as high definition television (HDTV ), digital audio broadcasting (DAB ), satellite broadcasting, cable TV and in the important area of online audio and video,  while playing a leading role in establishing national standards and setting industry targets.
There are seven subsidiary bodies under ABS: the Television Technology Institute, the Radio Technology Institute, the Cable Television Technology Institute, the Internet Technology Institute, the Information Technology Institute, the Digital Laboratory and the Hi-Tech Center, which is in charge of the preparation and organization of the CCBN exhibition.

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